International Car Shipping Choose the right Moving Company or Relocation Agent

International Car Shipping Choose the right Moving Company or Relocation Agent

Relocation can be a really demanding experience and the least you can do is find a reliable carrier that can handle many of your concerns inevitably there are some things that no moving company can relieve.

You are better served by taking the time to carefully choose the right mover it is a matter of sending some of your most valuable possessions in life. If your employer moves you for business purposes most aspects of your relocation will be handled by the company although some companies let their employees handle the move on their own while providing only budget ceilings and guidelines.

Just like today there is no lack of choice which can actually make the decision to award your relocation contract more difficult. However there are some important factors that should be considered in the evaluation of the moving company which this article covers.

If you could see it easier the very broad aspects that dictate the ultimate choice will be

Destination Where do you move to and from where? Does the moving company provide services in these areas?

Shipped What kind of goods will you ship? Do you want to send your car or other vehicle? Or will it only include household items like furniture and consumer electronics?

Speed How fast do you want the goods to be shipped?

Budget One of the most important considerations regarding moving.

Customer Service Does the moving company provide a complete entend service?

Shipping costs

It is very important to remember that lowest shipping costs are not always the best shipping prices. Read the fine print as a moving company that can offer exceptionally low prices can lower service levels or accept much lower responsibility if something goes wrong. For example a nocompensation insurance company can pay lower prices but take into account the responsibility you may incur if your uninsured employee is injured when handling your luggage in your premises. It would therefore be better to pay slightly higher prices than to risk such situations.

The cost of shipping is determined by a representative of the moving company that examines the entire list of goods. Pricing is generally based on volume weight distance of destination and type of move by air sea or road. However it must be noted that it is an international air freight convention to load by weight or volume whichever is greater. To move freight by air airlines have formulated formulas to convert volume to weight to ensure that they earn a lot of shipping costs for very light items such as bags of lightweight springs that occupy a lot of space. Therefore knowledge factors such as weight and volume of your cargo are quite important in determining whether to send your shipment by air sea or road.

Licensed mover

While evaluating your carriers tasks make sure that there is a physical business address for your mover even though it seems quite obvious. Check whether the mover is duly licensed or authorized by the Federal Department of Transportation the Public Utilities Commission the Better Business Bureau or the Bureau of Consumer Affairs. Similarly professional moving companies are enrolled as members of statregistered movers associations such as American Moving & Storage Association.


God forbids you to cause some damage to your precious burden. An assurance against it is to make sure that the moving company you choose has a good relationship relationship and a record for settling damages within a reasonable time.

warehouse Facility

Ask if the company has good temporary warehouses or warehouses if you may not have ready arrangements to load them to your new premises especially if you reach your destination later than your goods. In some cases when moving to a new country you may need to store your load until you have found a suitable accommodation.

In all likelihood a good moving company will ensure that you are not bombarded with too many of these terms or at least clearly communicate what it means. Then your main priority will be settled in the new location and leave the move to the moving company.

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