Zen to choose the best shipping provider

Zen to choose the best shipping provider

When it comes to choosing a new freight supplier the process can be a real pain in what you know. There are several companies looking for your company variable prices or contracts and in the meanwhile you still have items that need to be shipped.

Finding a business you are satisfied with is important but finding one is not always a quick or easy process. Keep in mind that this entry is initial and we can develop this topic for hours or write a book about it but here are the most important points.

So how do you find the best shipping provider without losing your mind? By looking at all available options and restricting them to the best fit. It can not be an exotic process but it is also one that helps deliver the most accurate results. It is also worth taking some exceptions. For example if a shipper is a bit pricier but has excellent customer service they may be worth the extra fee. Similarly it may be beneficial to wait an extra day or two on each order to get significant price cuts. Different costtopay areas will appeal to different companies; Whatever may be take them into consideration when looking for a new freight supplier.

Delivery Date

First and foremost decide if your company is one with tight deadlines. Companies selling goods often fall within this deadline while those delivered internally or to suppliers often have a more easy schedule. Whatever your situation compare expiration dates for different companies. Note the amount of time required to deliver as well as their respective fees rush packing insurance etc.

In order to even the field take the average price for a package choose a specific weight preferably one you usually send out and share the delivery days. This fee will be subject to a shipping cost per day and can be compared to any other company as a reference.

If that helps youll create a data sheet to keep track of this information. Each company can earn its own column of time customer response and more. This way all important information can be kept in a simple easytofind space. This will make the decision much easier later.


Next check for online customer reviews. Search the companys website where they are likely to keep positive comments. Look also online be sure to follow up with Glassdoor.com JOC.com Yelp.com and other online review sites. Social media accounts are another good source of information; Check out Facebook Twitter Yelp LinkedIn page etc. for those who have active accounts.

It is obvious that a good way to hear how a company is doing is from its current and or previous customers. What better way to hear a favor than those who have already experienced it? Read each comment both negative and positive and make an informed decision. Were most comments in favor of the company? Against it? Notice the diagram before proceeding to the next aspect.

For a more indepth review ask a company for references and call them. This allows you to ask specific questions instead of reading already defined content.

Price Plus

Finally consider each companys overall price as well as what you get for it. While transit times are stretched with times against fees this column will express specific services. Does a company have guarantees? Does the tracking number provide? What happens if they lose or delay a shipment? Do you offer any important valueadded services that your business needs or should benefit from? Note each essential scenario before you guessed it write it down for future reference.

Then after all these data have been collected its time to evaluate the pros against cons. As we discussed earlier each companys needs may differ from others. If speed is your biggest factor focus on the areas that help you get your packages where they need to be faster. However if you are more worried about security or customer service it may be best to look at these areas instead. And so on.

But no matter who you choose for your next shipping provider be sure to look at all the facts. Making an informed and informed decision gives you peace of mind and ensures you get the best price for your freight.

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